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About Autumn

Autumn (or Autumnbot if you know her well) is the resident troublemaker of the SZNS.

Autumn may seem tough on the outside, but the other SZNS know better- she’s really a softie. People don’t know Autumn is secretly a huge romantic- behind her tough no-nonsense exterior is a sensitive and mushy sweetheart. She loves rocking monochrome, tiny sunglasses, and denim on denim. The most important parts of her makeup routine are spf and highlighter. She can’t live without memes, sci-fi, Trader Joe’s spanakopita, or Winter’s hugs.

A Los Angeles native, Autumn loves driving out to Malibu to play spikeball, or just listen to her 2020 Spotify wrapped, while watching the sunset.


On a Friday night, you’ll either find me curled up in sweats watching Vampire Diaries with Summer or going out on the town in a minidress with Spring.

I’m motivated by long car rides, early 2000’s R&B, and Summer, Spring, and Winter’s endless support. My style inspirations are Sofia Jamora, John B, and Kim Possible. When I’m not working on the next SZNS song or editing a video, I usually spend my time at the beach.

Everyone should know the key to my heart is frozen blueberries and late night Rihanna dance parties.