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About Summer

Summer, the bubbliest of the group, and can be found dancing everywhere she goes.

She grew up in Los Angeles and fell in love with music at a young age, playing trumpet with her family. Soon after, she fell in love with dance and expressing herself through music.

There’s nothing she loves more than her dog, family, vinyl collection, and being a plant mom. Skateboarding in the city at night with her friends is her therapy. She stays inspired and motivated by Autumn, Spring and Winter, and would do anything for them!

“never take myself or life too seriously.”

My drive to constantly be creating gets me out of bed every morning. Whether it be through music, dance, or art I have a constant desire to be growing as an artist.

A lot of people don’t know I grew up playing jazz trumpet with my family.

I have a rescue German Shepherd named Rocky, he’s my baby and I’d die for him.