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About SZNS

About the Band

SZNS is a high energy, female pop group that blends songwriting, musicianship, and spice. The group is composed of four members, each representing their own season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

SZNS aims to empower and inspire women everywhere with their kick-ass message.

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn each bring their own unique styles, which blend together to create the vibrant SZNS sound. Los Angeles based SZNS gives a fresh new take on the classic 90’s girl group music we all know and love with edm, latin-synth, and house inspired beats. Their conversational lyricism stems from the four’s collaborative writing style: a late night kitchen heart-to-heart.

SZNS has a series of four EPs: one crafted for each season. Their music ranges from bass dropping dance beats to sultry ballads, inspired by real life, it emenates power, vulnerability, and wit. Their empowering tracks call on everyone to address and disrupt the status quo.